West Coast Main Line Photographs

Before the routes to Edinburgh were electrified, the WCML always seemed more interesting.  With hindsight I suspect this was more a case of 'the grass being greener on the other side' as I should have been more than satisfied with the variety of motive power available locally!  In this section I will also include photographs taken on the WCML 'branch' from Carstairs to Edinburgh.

Click here for the full image (61kb) 26031+26037 arrive at Carstairs with the 1755 Edinburgh - Wellington excursion on 24 May 1984.  Out of sight on the up main line behind the train is 81002 waiting to back on to the stock for the journey south.  Class 26s became familiar sights at Carstairs in later years on ballast trains from the sidings north of the station but they were not usual performers on passenger services.

Click here for the full image (68kb) 47373 approaches Carlisle station on 26 June 1984 with a northbound freight.

Click here for the full image (61kb) 47470 is seen under repair (collision damage to the cab at the other end) at Crewe Works 21 October 1984.  As well as being pictured close to the WCML, I've included this photograph as this locomotive had connections to Edinburgh through its name, "University of Edinburgh".  Unfortunately I don't think it was a good advert for the University or the city as it seemed to fail on a regular basis!

Click here for the full image (45kb) 47624 "Cyclops" in ex-works condition at Crewe Works 21 October 1984 after conversion from 47087 once ETH equipment had been fitted.

Click here for the full image (71kb) 81009 awaits departure from Carlisle with the 1620 Glasgow/1610 Edinburgh - Liverpool on 26 June 1984.  The Edinburgh portion of this train produced a number of Class 40 workings that summer (eg 40192 at Waverley on 19 June 1984 after arrival with the inbound working, the 0930 ex Liverpool).

Click here for the full image (70kb) 81017 waits in the parcels platforms at Preston with a southbound service on 12 April 1984.  I suspect this was the daily service from Stranraer to Euston - another part of railway operations which is a memory.

Click here for the full image (55kb) Another locomotive with connections to Edinburgh, 86210 "City of Edinburgh" is seen at Manchester Piccadilly on 12 July 1984.

Click here for the full image (66kb) 86315 awaits departure from Carlisle with the last 2050 passenger service for Perth on 11 May 1985.  This was perhaps one of the more interesting services on the WCML.  On weekdays it ran as a passenger and postal service, although on Saturdays it only conveyed passenger accommodation - usually two Mk1 vehicles.  The train was electrically hauled from Carlisle to Mossend, where a wide variety of traction could be on hand to take the train forward to Perth. At various times I experienced Class 81, 85 and 86 haulage on this service and with only two coaches the acceleration was somewhat rapid!

Click here for the full image (60kb) 87016 at Glasgow Central on 6 September 1984 awaiting departure with the 1110 service to London Euston.

Click here for the full image (51kb) An Advanced Passenger Train is seen in the sidings at Carlisle station on 26 June 1984.  I was fortunate to be able to travel on the APT a couple of months later when the trains were operating advertised Glasgow - Euston relief services.  Contrary to remarks being made at the time about the tilt, I didn't feel unwell on my journey and it is sad that the tilting trains shortly to be introduced by Virgin are not a development of this technology but have been bought from overseas.