Photographs from the North Wales Coast Line

In recent years I tried to visit the North Wales area as much as I could to sample and photograph what I would describe as the last stronghold of locomotive hauled services as I remember them.  I know that Virgin Trains Class 47 hauled services could be put into this category but the coast line was different.  This is only a small tribute and to see more I recommend Charlie Hulme's excellent North Wales Coast Railway.  I'm starting with my earliest photographs so shots from the last years of the route will come later once I've scanned them.

Click here for the full image (72kb) Before someone sends me an email, I know that Crewe is not in North Wales!  I've included this photograph of 37038 in ex-works condition at Crewe Works on 21 October 1984 for two reasons.  Crewe was the starting and terminating point for many of the North Wales coast trains and in May 2000 this locomotive was used by First NorthWestern for their Club Train farewell special (photos to come soon).
Click here for the full image (57kb) 45104 is pictured at Chester with the 0815 Newcastle - Bangor on 4 January 1985.  Class 45s were used for a number of years after the demise of Class 40s. The North Wales coast seems to have had a habit of hosting the end of locomotive haulage for different classes!