Edinburgh Suburban Freight

Most freight in the Edinburgh area avoids Waverley station using the suburban line (or 'sub' as it is often called).  The name originated from the fact that the line used to carry passenger services on a circular route from Waverley.  These were discontinued in 1962, although the odd special train or diverted scheduled service because of engineering works occasionally traverses the route.  There is still plenty of calls to re-open the line but like most recent calls for restoring services it seems to be a lot of hot air!

Click here for the full image (66kb) A pair of Class 20s (20035+20011) are seen approaching Craiglockhart Junction with an eastbound cement train on 22 August 1984.  The train has come from Haymarket West Junction and will have originated from the main Edinburgh - Glasgow route or from the Fife direction.
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26037 is seen at Craiglockhart Junction with an eastbound pway train on 16 August 1984.  This may have originated from the yard at Slateford, which is at the other end of the short spur the train is taking between the line to Carstairs and the Sub.

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To mark the end of the Class 27 locomotives the SRPS ran a farewell railtour on 9 May 1987.  From memory this started in Glasgow with 27001+27046 and ran to Inverness via the Highland Main Line and then across to Aberdeen.  At Inverness there was a loco change and the railtour returned south via the ECML to Edinburgh.  To avoid a run round before heading back to Glasgow the train travelled along the suburban line and 27055+27063 are seen here at Craiglockhart Junction on their way to Waverley.

Click here for the full image (51kb) 37173 passes Slateford station on 19 March 1985 with an Edinburgh - Glasgow freightliner service.  The rear of the train can be seen on the curve of the spur from the Sub mentioned earlier.  Around this time the Freightliner terminal at Portobello had daily departures for Glasgow, London, Nottingham and a connection to a Coatbridge - Felixstowe working.  Services ceased when the terminal closed in April 1987.