Trains on the Abbeyhill Loop

The Abbeyhill Loop in Edinburgh was a short section of the Edinburgh suburban line which branched away from the East Coast Main Line at the eastern end of the Calton Tunnels and ran for a couple of miles before rejoining the main line at Craigentinny Junction.  Just north of Abbeyhill station the lines formed a triangle which proved useful for turning trains.  The only part of the line in use now is the section between Powderhall and Craigentinny which is traversed by the Edinburgh 'binliner'.  Some of the original formation was used to ease the curve of the ECML past Craigentinny carriage sidings when the line was electrified in 1991.

Click here for the full image (49kb) The first set of images relates to ecs workings.  The abbreviation ecs you find in working timetables refers to empty coaching stock and covers journeys from carriage sidings to stations before or after passenger workings.  These workings also apply to multiple units but in the past they were generally more interesting!  During 1984 for some reason (which I've never discovered) some of the WCML portion ecs workings from Waverley to Craigentinny Carriage Sidings were routed via the Abbeyhill triangle where they reversed.  This involved 'top and tail' working with a locomotive being attached to the rear of the stock at Waverley.  One of these locomotives, 20204, is seen approaching Lochend Jn after reversing with ecs for Craigentinny.  The train locomotive, a Class 47, is out of sight at the back of the train.
Click here for the full image (43kb) Another of these ecs workings (a series of three photographs) is seen between London Road and Easter Road junctions behind 47462 on 18 February 1984.  The famous Edinburgh landmark of Arthur's Seat can be seen in the background.

Click here for the full image (71kb) After reversal at Easter Road Junction 26006 leads the empty stock on its way to Craigentinny on 18 February 1984.  The platform on the left was Easter Road station.

Click here for the full image (63kb) 47462 is seen at the rear of the ecs working between Easter Road and Lochend junctions on 18 February 1984.  The train is travelling along the only part of the triangle which is still in use, part of the route to the Powderhall terminal for the Edinburgh 'binliner' trains.

Click here for the full image (66kb) ScotRail took the bold step in 1986 of opening a station adjacent to Meadowbank stadium to provide a rail link to Waverley for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games.  The VIPs at the opening ceremony on 14 June 1986 head towards the stadium after leaving their service from Waverley.

Click here for the full image (67kb) The Class 101 DMU used on the opening day of Meadowbank Stadium station returns to Waverley at Lochend Junction, 14 June 1986.

Click here for the full image (60kb) The Commonwealth Games took place a month later during July 1986 and one of the Class 116 DMUs which were used on the shuttle service to Waverley is seen at the former Abbeyhill Station returning from Meadowbank Stadium.

Click here for the full image (114kb) When Meadowbank Stadium hosted an athletics meeting in June 1987 the first generation DMUs had given way to Class 150s.  150255 passes Lochend Junction and is about to cross to the down line for the platform at Meadowbank with a service from Waverley on 26 June 1987.

Click here for the full image (121kb) 150255 (with highly appropriate 'Sprinter' branding!) awaits departure from Meadowbank Stadium with a service for Waverley on 26 June 1987.  The red flag on the other track indicates that the up line is not in use.